Finding your Purpose

The purpose process is figuring out who you are and how to be more of that. It's about making things happen for ourselves and others by being who we actually are, not just who we think we should be.

Living your purpose is not about perfection and it takes a lot of practice.

I am a Purpose Catalyst with the goal of helping you be more of you, more often, in more places. We do this by working on three areas:

  • Clarity - Being clear on who you are at your core.
  • Consistency - Developing habits and routines that help you experience more of your purpose on a regular basis.
  • Community - Your purpose is bigger than yourself so you need to identify the right people for support, encouragement, and camaraderie.

Elevating your awareness in these three areas will light the path of being more of you.

And when you are more of you, you are naturally more resilient, more creative, and more determined to stand up for what you do and do not want.

Why  Purpose? ​

Because things like authenticity, branding, confidence, focus, imposter syndrome, niching, sales, and self-care can be addressed/improved by asking “What is my purpose, and how can I help myself and others experience more of it today?"

The Process

After focusing on discussing Purpose with my clients the past  5 years, I've found growth is more often about many baby steps aligned with your purpose than big steps even just a few degrees off. So I crafted my Purpose Process for my own and my clients’ day-to-day lifestyle.

  • Step 1 - Follow my online/video program for clarifying who you are your core, creating your Purpose Statement, and building a custom toolset for staying grounded in your purpose. This builds your foundation and you can revisit this training anytime as you and your circumstances evolve over time.
  • Step 2 - You increase your consistency through activities, routines, conversations, and journaling. For tracking and celebrating the baby steps and big wins you use a simple, yet effective tool called the Purpose Scorecard.
  • Step 3 - You receive support and encouragement through weekly group calls. Purpose is about yourself and others so having this community will allow you to learn things about yourself that you can't learn alone.

The end result is learning to produce your own results and achieve your goals by being more of who you are, rather than who you think you’re supposed to be. That is freedom.

Purpose takes practice.
After all, we have far more experience being who we think we should be rather than who we actually are.

Working with me

Virtual Coffee

On Me

Pick a time for a 20-minute call regarding Purpose, coaching, or life.
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5 Part online course to identify your Purpose, create a support system, and start implementing day-to-day actions.
Get Started
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Full Program


Purpose takes practice and support, so in addition to the online course you get access to 3 months of weekly Zoom calls with a focus on building your ability to make your Purpose part of your everyday life.

The next cohort starts 3/10 with calls on Wednesdays at 11am PST.
Intro Call
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1 on 1


Custom engagements to elevate your sense of Purpose in specific areas of your life. Ideal for people that want extra clarity and support in their purpose journey.
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Getting Started

Start clarifying your purpose and moving it forward today.
You can start with an online program or an online program plus community.
Whatever works best for you.
Purpose Ladder Fundementals
Foundational online program to help you clarify your Purpose and build your ability to be it in more places. You will create:
  • Your Purpose Statement
  • Your Purpose Ladder to stay grounded in your purpose
  • Your Purpose Scorecard to assess growing your abilities experiencing and sharing your purpose on a regular basis.
Plus you will receive:
  • 25 journal prompts for exploring your Purpose.
  • 50 activities to help you experience more of your Purpose.
Purpose Ladder 90 Day Program & Community
Purpose is a team sport and having a community of fellow Purpose-minded people is incredibly helpful for support, encouragement, guidance, and ongoing success.
  • Live welcome calls to answer your questions about your Purpose and what is covered in the Purpose Ladder Program.
  • Weekly community calls with the focus of "What's your Purpose and how can we help you move it forward today?"
  • Online community to stay connected with likeminded people on their Purpose journeys.
The next cohort starts 3/10 with calls on Wednesdays at 11am PST.