A System To Create Self-Care Breakthroughs Even When There Is No Time.

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Would you like a breakthrough in your self-care?

So you can feel:
  • Successful and strong at home and at work
  • Confident about what works for you and your ability to make it happen.
  • In control of your life even in challenging and stressful times.

Those are all things I experienced as I elevated my self-care this summer.

And I found a way to do it without needing more time or energy because I didn't have much more to give.

This summer I had a huge breakthrough in limiting beliefs and self-care.
I lost 30 pounds in 70 days and more importantly, I developed a process for creating self-care breakthroughs.

There are three main steps:
  • Mindset Shift - Every breakthrough starts with seeing a new possibility. The fastest and least taxing way to see a new possibility is identifying and letting go of doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that are finding what you think is possible.
  • Create Momentum - Find or create a plan, do what you know to do, and have a recovery system for when you stumble (which will happen - at least it did for me).
  • Make it Simple -- create boundaries, systems, and habits that will make self-care a part of your everyday life.

These steps create a system for continuous growth so you can start with baby steps within the time and energy that you have. There is no need to carve out huge chunks of time or be super motivated. You just do what you know you can do.

Self-care is more than a nice-to-have. It's a must-have to operate at our best. 
Race cars make pit stops and so must we.

But pit stops don't happen by accident. There is a team and systems designed to help get the car and driver back to their peak performance as fast as possible. 

We need the same thing for our self-care:
  • Clarity on what self-care means to us and what helps us be our best.
  • A plan to make those things happen.
  • Systems in place that are practiced so that those plans and goals can be achieved as effectively as possible.

Self-Care is about figuring what works for you and then creating systems to help you do more of that.

You may be thinking "that's not possible", "it won't work for me", or "I don't have time or the energy."

That's why mindset is the first thing addressed in the Self-Care Breakthrough System for HR.

You have real challenges for sure but a mindset shift will help you see the baby steps that you can take.

String enough of those baby steps together and you'll create momentum and then breakthroughs in your self-care and other areas of life.

A System To Support Your Self-Care And More

The Self-Care Breakthrough System gives you the support you need to do what you know to do for your self-care.
  • Online Video and worksheets for each section.
  • Two group coaching calls each week - calls aren’t mandatory as you will have all the training in the videos but you can use them to get support and all your questions answered.
  • Facebook group to connect and get support in-between calls.
  • Next session starts Tuesday, 10/26
First step - think of a self-care goal of yours and schedule a call. We’ll talk about your goal and how you could use the Self-Care Breakthrough System to accomplish it. If it makes sense to both of us, I’ll extend an invitation to join the program. Either way, you’ll walk away more clear about how to achieve your goal.

Why a Self-Care Program?

Because as a leader, coach, or consultant you are probably helping others with their self-care and the epidemic levels of burnout.

I know how easy it is to let your own self-care slip when you are busy helping others.

So I created a system-based program to help you create your own self-care breakthroughs so you can better help others without sacrificing yourself.

If that makes sense to you, then the next step is to schedule a breakthrough call
Get Started
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The coaching starts with a
  • Clarify what self-care means to you and goals you have.
  • Identify hidden blocks that hinder your efforts and how to get past them.
  • Develop a 60-Day plan that you can start using to transform your self-care even if you are swamped, burnt, or overwhelmed.

The initial call is free and you'll have a plan no matter if you choose to continue with the coaching program or not. 

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