Success Through Self-Care Training
Help your people succeed in their self-care without needing extra time, energy, or motivation

Here's the reality - your team/staff doesn't need to know more about self-care. They already know plenty. More knowledge won't help.

What will help them be successful in their self-care is applying what they already know.

In my Success Through Self-Care Training we do this by:
  • Identifying what people already know to do, the limiting beliefs that stand in their way, and how to let them go.
  • Building confidence through clear goals and finding reasonable plans to fulfill those goals.
  • Creating consistency through continued awareness and action.


  • Group and 1 -on-1 training available via Zoom or live (with Covid safety protocols).
  • Suggest doing a 1-hour version as an introduction. Extended follow-ups are available for those that are interested.
  • We use the Success Through Self-Care Roadmap as a framework to discuss where they are at with their self-care and how to move forward.
  • Participants leave realizing the time, energy, and motivation they need to do what they know to do for their self-care.
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About Me

I started coaching over 20 years ago but everything changed this June when I had a massive breakthrough in limiting beliefs.

This dramatically impacted my self-care and I lost 30 pounds in 70 days. The workout and meal plans I followed were good but not the main drivers of that loss.

What made the difference was a simple technique for identifying and letting go of the blocks that stopped me from doing what I knew to do.

The process is intuitive, even fun, and changed my life in less than 3 months.

​ Now I share the system with busy professionals that want to get unstuck in their self-care and avoid burnout without requiring extra time, energy, or motivation.

People that have worked with me

To talk about how we can help your people succeed in their self-care, please schedule a call.