The fastest and most sustainable way to achieve your goals is to create the habits that will get you there.

I break habits into two parts:

1. A process for doing what you know to do in that area.
2. A process for shifting your mindset so that you can actually do what you know to do.

One is straightforward - you already know most of that.

Two will blow your mind because it takes the struggle out of creating and maintaining habits. 

If you want a fast and effective way to create the habits you need to achieve the goals you want, I can help you.
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Why most habit teaching is going backwards

We know Be-Do-Have is the approach that works over and over.
But most habit work is Do-Have-Be which takes a lot of work.

I say this with great respect for the leaders in the habit space, but most are going the wrong way. 

The dominant thinking for creating habits is taking lots of small steps to produce some results and build the confidence to do the things you know to do (workout, eat healthily, read, meditate, see friends, etc.) 

That process makes total sense and works for some people. But there is a fundamental problem - it's putting the doing first:

DO (take lots of small steps), HAVE (the results), BE (the confidence).

Do-Have-Be will work until it doesn't. Once you stop doing (aka stop the habit), you are stuck because the first step is always doing something (which you aren't doing). The solution is to break it down into smaller and smaller steps until you know you can do it.

But if you have found reasons not to do the more significant steps, chances are you will find reasons not to do the smaller steps. You can improve your chances by making things easy, adding reminders, partnering with others, giving yourself rewards, and so on. But that takes more doing, even if it helps and isn't all that difficult.

This is why so many people struggle with habits, and the idea of creating habits seems so hard. Working in the Do-Have-Be model always takes more work.

If I started thinking about creating habits, I would follow this approach. It makes total sense. 

But I didn't do that, and it made all the difference.

I started out thinking about limiting beliefs and how they stop us from doing what we know to do. In June of 2021, I began seeing how thoughts like "I'm not good enough", "people don't like me", and "I'm going to fail" were stopping me from doing things that I knew to do.

I realized that in any place where I wasn't doing what I knew to do, some limiting belief explained why I couldn't do what I knew to do.

Then, as I began to identify and let go of those limiting beliefs, I found myself in action. Which was awesome. But of course, at some point, I stumbled and stopped doing what I knew to do. I had multiple "eat every cookie in the house" sort of days.

Rather than trying to force my way through those moments, I stopped to see what limiting belief had shown up to hinder my efforts to do what I knew to do. Every time I found one, I repeated the letting-go process, which freed me to do what I knew to do. Then I was back in action.

I applied this to my health and fitness and lost 30 pounds in 70 days, and I am down a total of 35 pounds in six months.

I applied this to my creativity, and I've written two books that I plan to publish in 2022.

But what is amazing are the habits that I have now. 

In the last 6 months, I have started and maintained habits for tracking food and weight, planning my day, following a meal plan, working out twice a day, posting daily on social media, and practicing gratitude.

Honestly, I am completely shocked when I list out the habits I have started AND MAINTAINED. I am well known for starting and stopping many things, so this level of consistency is mindblowing to me.

I effectively created these habits and results because I started with identifying and letting go of the limiting beliefs that were stopping me from doing what I knew to do. Then, as I addressed that being-part, the doing got much easier, and the results came faster.

I had discovered by accident a process for be-do-having your way to the habits you need to create the results you want.

Now, I don't think about what habits I need or what I need to do to achieve a goal. Instead, I think first about why those things aren't in my life already. That leads me to a doubt, fear, or worry. Letting go of that limiting belief makes things happen with far less effort.

To be clear, I still have lots of work. In fact, I find myself working harder in doing whatever I'm doing. But I can free myself from that struggle of fighting against my thoughts, which is a game-changer for me.

I am not perfect, of course, but I wake up every day now with habits that help me achieve goals, and I have a process for basically creating a habit at will.

Because, after all, a habit is simply doing what you know to do. If you remove your resistance to doing what you know to do and add in a little incentive to do it through a juicy goal and a "why," then chances are, you will take that action and produce results.

Be. Do. Have.

To experience this yourself, download the Mindset Shifter form. In just minutes, you learn how to identify and let go of the blocks stopping you from doing what you know to do for an important goal.

I say there is some habit or combination of habits that you can implement in your life that will change your life forever. The question isn't what do you need to do for that. You already know. The question is, what has stopped that from showing up already?

You can start uncovering that answer with the Mindset Shifter, so I hope you give it a try.

Let go. Take Action. Live Fully.

From a few that have worked with me...

About me

I've been involved in coaching and training for 20 years but this June I had a massive breakthrough in limiting beliefs.

This dramatically impacted my self-care and then I lost 30 pounds in 70 days. It wasn't the health and fitness programs I followed that made the difference since I knew that information. What made the difference was a simple technique for identifying and letting go of the blocks that stopped me from doing what I knew to do.

‚ÄčThe process is intuitive, even fun, and changed my life in just months. Now I share the system with people that want breakthroughs in their health, fitness, and self-care without requiring extra time, energy, or motivation.

I live in Northern California, love skiing with my son, and am awful at small talk.
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