I'm a purpose coach and help people clarify:

  • Their Purpose
  • Their Vision
  • Their Niche/Community They Serve
  • Their Process/Framework
  • Their Sharing/Selling System
Watch the video below and I'll show you how you have more freedom
in your business and life by understanding the connections.

Get Your Purpose Scorecard

  • Increase your freedom and authenticity.
  • Make your self-care a priority.
  • Increase your productivity and focus.
  • Celebrate your baby steps and big wins.

From a few that have worked with me...

"Joey's program helped me build up my foundation so I can be stronger and better at fulfilling my life's purpose."

Brooke Edwards 
Professional Adventure Guide
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"Joey makes [purpose work] so immediate, so obvious and so natural."

Stephanie Kohler
Writer and Musician
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"I realized my purpose is who I am. I don't have to go searching. I really love that."

Harpreet DhanoyaI
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Purpose is a big broad word.

Here is what it means to me.

About me

I didn't know it but for the past 5 years, I've been working on a very large jigsaw puzzle without the guidance of a pretty photo on the box.

At first I worked on pieces that became the "Purpose" corner. Then I say other pieces that became the "Niching" corner. And then over time I worked on pieces that came together to the "Vision", "Framework," and "Sharing" sections.

Each time I moved to a new section I thought, "This is it. I can be a coach for (pick a section)."

And I did. I developed process and systems for each of the areas. But no matter how effective I was in one section I kept getting pulled to the others.

Then I had a moment where I realized "wait a minute - I think this big chunk and fits with that big chunk. And those over there, now fit with these here."

After working on this puzzle for years, the full image came into view. The Freedom Ladder was born. 5 steps that seem huge in their own right, but when done together and in a particular order, they just flow.

Life is now much easier, more effective and manageable - even in these very challenging times. No matter what is going on (and I am far from perfect), I can find myself on the ladder and take the next step;

Now I am working on sharing this from my Norther California home. And when I'm not doing that you can find me skiing, listening to autobiographies, or spending time with my teenage son

​If you have questions, please email me at info@joeychandler.net.
Learn about the Purpose Scorecard
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