In these stressful times, self-care is more important and challenging than ever.

But the answer isn't in learning more. You already know enough.

The question is "why don't we do what we already know to do for our self-care?"

When I figured out an answer to that, I lost 30 pounds in 70 days. Now I help people create their own unbreakable self-care practices.

Ultimate Guide to
Identifying Hidden Blocks

Before doing anything new, figure out why you aren't doing what you already know to do.

From a few that have worked with me...

Benefits of a Self-care Practice

By creating a self-care practice, you lay the foundation for your success.

  • Increased clarity, confidence, and consistency.
  • Doing more of what you know to do and less being stopped by fears and doubts.
  • More freedom to lead as yourself rather than who you think you should be.
  • Increased creativity and the courage to share your ideas and creations.
  • Increased follow-up and follow-through.
  • Greater value from all of the courses and workshops you have already purchased but haven't completed.
  • Goals that are clear and bold.
  • Awareness to look at what is and isn't working.
  • Greater connection with friends, family, and heroes.
  • Greater focus and the ability to see options in challenging times.

About me

I've been involved in coaching and training for 20 years but this June I had a massive breakthrough in limiting beliefs.

This dramatically impacted my self-care and then I lost 30 pounds in 70 days. It wasn't the health and fitness programs I followed that made the difference since I knew that information. What made the difference was a simple technique for identifying and letting go of the blocks that stopped me from doing what I knew to do.

‚ÄčThe process is intuitive, even fun, and changed my life in just months. Now I share the system with people that want breakthroughs in their health, fitness, and self-care without requiring extra time, energy, or motivation.

I live in Northern California, love skiing with my son, and am awful at small talk.